Rocky Mountain Concrete Supply offers concrete delivery trucks that are different from what is typically called “barrel” or “redi-mix” truck. Ready mix trucks begin mixing the exact amount of concrete ordered at their batch plant, and the large barrel rotates in transit mixing and slowing “setting up”.

Rocky Mountain Concrete Supply offers a unique system that is virtually a batch plant on wheels. All materials needed for concrete production are brought to your site and mixed in our batch system yielding a fresh mix with no waste, and can be altered for any specific need.

Our mobile mix trucks offer these advantages as well:

  • We can batch up to 10 yds. on site, and up to 1 yd per minute.
  • Mixing only what is needed eliminates waste & extra charges.
  • Our system allows us to carry extra material on board in case more concrete is needed than ordered, eliminating delays.
  • Our concrete is metered as mixed, so customers are charged only in the 1/10 yd. increments they need after the first yd.
  • The mix design can be easily altered, & admixtures for both hot and cold weather and /or fibermesh can be easily added on site.
  • Specialty jobs such as Rapid Set.